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VOICEOVER LOcalization

German | Swiss German

Connect effortlessly with your target audience.

Let's craft an authentic connection with your audience using customized voice-over localization solutions. My comprehensive approach to multimedia voice adaptation opens new avenues for optimizing your content.

I specialize in ensuring that your message not only resonates but is also perfectly adapted to the German speaking markets and its diverse linguistic landscape.


With the right charm, I guarantee a lasting impact tailored to your specific needs. Let's create something remarkable together.

Linguistic Adaptation of Voice Overs

I specialize in the professional translation and adaptation of voice-over scripts for your target region. My sensitivity to language nuances, cultural subtleties, and local slang ensures the creation of an authentic and engaging vocalization.

Correct Language and Dialect

For optimal language variant selection, I provide professional support—whether it's Swiss German with its diverse dialects, Swiss standard German, or High German. I'll explain the subtle differences between these variants in detail to ensure your message is perceived in the desired manner.

Text Adaptation for Videos

Creatively reworking video scripts ensures that your message is communicated clearly and effectively in the target language. I precisely tailor them to the length of the original video without compromising on substantive content. These adaptations apply to various formats such as training videos, promotional clips, animated videos, explainer videos, and more.

Cultural Integration & Localisation

I holistically integrate the vibrant diversity of events, holidays, and seasonal trends to ensure effective adaptation to cultural contexts and regional nuances. This ensures that every message is conveyed not only linguistically but also culturally at the highest level.

Media Types

I leverage my skills for localization across various media formats, including training videos, advertising clips, explainer videos, and podcasts, enabling global audience engagement. Each adaptation is customized to ensure cultural relevance and maximize the intended impact in different markets.


I precisely align voice recordings with the timing and pauses of the original video to ensure seamless synchronization between spoken words and visual elements.


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Marketing & Advertising

Audio, Video, and Text. Online marketing campaigns, social media content, radio and television advertising, print advertising, event promotion, sales brochures, and catalogs.

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E-Learning & Training

E-learning courses, training videos, interactive learning modules, digital teaching materials, simulation and training games, webinars, and online training programs.

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Multimedia Presentations

Company presentations, product launches, and sales demonstrations.

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Intros, Outros, podcast episodes, interviews, and ads.

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Animation & Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, animated presentations, and product animations.

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Audio Guides

Museum tours, city tours, and audio guides for tourist attractions.

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Events & Trade Shows

Announcements for live events and trade show presentations.

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Film & Television

Documentaries and television shows.

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Swissness in Every Tone: Your Message, Thoughtfully Communicated

In the world of local and global communication, the power of an authentic voice is unparalleled. With my voiceover localization in German-speaking Switzerland, we offer more than just translations – we create connections. Considering cultural nuances and regional accents, we ensure that your message is not only heard but also understood and appreciated.

Your content deserves a tailored, creative adaptation to shine in various media formats. Whether it's training videos, promotional clips, podcasts, or multimedia presentations, I am ready to ensure that your voice resonates clearly and effectively everywhere.


Veronica Summer

Veronica Summer

0043 676 620 23 05
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