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Guided Meditation for Uncertainty - When you don't know what to do

Guided Meditation for Uncertainty: Finding Clarity with "Meditate with Veronica"

Welcome to another transformative session of "Meditate with Veronica." In today's guided meditation, we focus on finding clarity in moments of uncertainty. Join me on this journey to quiet the mind, relax the body, and open up to receive guidance.

  1. Comfortable Meditation Space: Begin by finding a comfortable space for meditation, whether you choose to close your eyes or not. Find a position that suits you, allowing relaxation to flow through your shoulders and jaw. Embrace the lengthening of your spine as you breathe deeply.

  2. Observation Without Judgment: Remember, meditation is a practice, not a competition. Observe your body without judgment, creating space by lifting the heart, lengthening the spine, and taking deliberate, deep breaths.

  3. Mindful Check-In: Focus inward, noting any sensations without attachment. Breathe into the space that arises and release with each exhale. Give your thoughts the necessary space to surface and dissolve.

  4. Exploring Comfort: Deepen your breath, exploring areas of your body that feel good or neutral. Consider placing your hands on these areas for added comfort. Today, our goal is to surrender and find solace in the present moment.

  5. Mantra for Surrender: Follow the natural cycle of your breath with a mantra:

  • Inhale: "I am open to receiving guidance."

  • Exhale: "I surrender."

Repeat this powerful mantra three times, letting its resonance guide you. Take a few moments to continue this practice independently.

As you gently bring awareness back to your body with subtle movements, open your eyes with a smile. Take a final deep breath, inhaling clarity and exhaling uncertainty. If you need more time in this state, linger and embrace the guidance within.

Thank you for joining me in this transformative meditation. Share this episode with those seeking clarity in uncertain times. Until our next session, stay present and find peace in the guidance that resides within you.

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