Voice overs

One voice - three languages. Whether for commercials, TV, and radio, image films, explanatory films, IVR, documentaries, off-texts for films, video games, l-earning and much more - I am looking forward to giving your project the special voice it deserves. I have been a professional voice-over artist for 10 years. Some of my audio samples can be found in the section below. Amongst 1000+ commercials for brands in all sectors, I have done voice overs for the medical and aviation industry, in education, HR and other management topics, engineering, furniture, food and many more.

Ready to add some sparkle to your message? The project guideline will give you an easy step-by-step overview of how we can get your project started. It is easy, I promise ;) 

Ready to book a voice over? Reach out to me and let's get this party started!

Love, Veronica

Dowload my sample for your personal use or to share with clients here:

Planty - Official Server Trailer [Deutsch]
Lemus HOME_ So klingt das Zuhause der Zukunft
Umidus Bon Air Guardian Veronica Summer Sprecherin
Selektion Burgenland Veronica Summer Sprecherin
Robeco Veronica Summer Sprecherin
Kodak S2085f | Gebaut für heute, bereit für morgen
CutWise von BMTEC Veronica Summer Sprecherin
Ketchup Veronica Summer Sprecherin
Schulmilch rPET Becher Veronica Summer Sprecherin
Aequivalent Veronica Summer Sprecherin