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With over a decade of experience as a voice artist and singer, I've found my calling in the intricate dance between music and vocal expression. Fluent in German, English, and Swiss German, I specialize in creating unforgettable moments, whether through captivating narration or soul-stirring melodies.

Performing against the breathtaking backdrop of the Alps has been a privilege, allowing me to infuse each moment with the natural beauty that surrounds us. My repertoire spans across various genres, from intimate ballads to energizing anthems, ensuring that every performance is a unique and memorable experience.

For me, this journey isn't merely about the notes or the words; it's about the profound connection forged through melody and emotion. Bringing joy and touching hearts is not just my profession; it's my deepest passion.

Each performance is a journey, a voyage into the depths of human emotion, where every lyric, every melody, becomes a vessel for shared experiences and cherished memories. It's the glimmer of tears in a listener's eye, the genuine smiles, and the warm embraces that fuel my spirit and drive my artistry forward.

In a world where words often fall short, music becomes the universal language that unites us all. It's an honor to serve as a conduit for this universal language, spreading love, hope, and joy with every note sung.


I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

+43 676 620 23 05

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