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Warm | Natürlich | Gefühlvoll | Positiv | Begeisternd

Voice Overs

Warm | Natural | Emotional | Positive | Exciting

In the areas of advertising, TV, radio, image and explanatory films, telephone announcements, e-learning, off-texts for films, live events, video games and dubbing, I am ready to enrich your project vocally - in German, Swiss German and English.


With particular expertise in time- and lip-synchronized audio as well as in the translation and localization of texts for voice overs in various languages, I look forward to bringing your project to life with my voice!


I am available daily for recordings from my professional home studio. I am happy to communicate through telephone or video calls, or opt for remote studio recordings via Session Link. The utilization of high-speed cable internet ensures seamless and high-quality audio transmission.

Happy Clients


Voice Over Recordings

German, Swiss German, and English in Broadcasting Quality


Transcription of Audio Recordings​ / Videos

Lip-Sync Skript Adaptation

Translation Adaptations for Lip-Sync, Time-Sync, and Dubbing

Bilingual Supervisor

Ensuring Linguistic Quality and Accuracy

Creating Emotional Value

My focus is on emotional value, extending beyond my personal life to resonate in my voiceovers. If you feel a positive connection, don't hesitate to reach out. Let's have a conversation about your project!



Veronica Summer

+43 676 620 23 05
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